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The Learning Curve2

May 18th, 2014

after viewing some of the original images I find that some where in the process of creating the digitally new image the size has changed. this is something else that I must see too. We are always learning and that is what is so great about life and getting involved with any process. The learning curve,I think that is wonderful and so very interesting. The desire to be better just for better sake not in competing with others but for self growth and understanding. about the world and all it puzzles and many pieces. how does it all fit together and how do I make sense of it all. hum! smile

The learning curve

May 18th, 2014

I have started this blog to give thoughts to what I am doing. since I have returned to the world of art. I am exploring the new ways one can take photos. I started my journey with the idea that I needed to get a new camera. So in other social groups which are all about the photography. on google+ I asked the question which was the best camera now days, since I have been away from the craft for many years only taking family pictures. None in the realm of Art. I was told that the best camera is the one you have with you at all times. now that hit home with me. Since I work in a detention center can camera are not allowed but my cell phone was I started taking photos with my cell phone the pictures were not bad but not great or what I was searching for. However using the smart phone it lead me to the digital w world. and the apps that can change, improve and enhance an image. now the problem I am having now is how do I produce images with a larger pixel so that I can display photos in a larger canvas size. and since I am a panted as well and I have worked with lithographs. I want to produce work to put on canvas to further mix the mediums I use. So in closing these are the areas that I must and what to explore.

a note about this blog. I will from time to time but not very often write about what i want to do and what I am doing with regards to my work. I am also a bloger however that is on a different subject matter and I am working with taking that further as well. Do I have much on my plate the answer is yes. however that is my life and I do think it feeds my needs at this time in my life. I would like to sell my art and monetize my website and these are my concerns and challenges as well. Since my mind is made up that I want to be self employed to work on my art and my other pursuits and not work at the detention center which holds no creativity for me. and I long for that in my life. Smile. thanks for reading and have a great day!